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20:20 22 Jul 24
The course is very good, all the tutors are wonderful and helpful, but of course you have to do your job as well, so study it's going to be worth it.
Tom Lima
20:17 22 Jul 24
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the awesome security course I attended. It was helpful and way better than I expected.Dave Brown, our tutor, was great and always ready to help out. His teaching made everything easy to understand and more enjoyable.The course covered a lot of topics and I learned so much. Each part was well put together and I got a lot of useful knowledge and skills.I feel more confident now about handling security challenges. I'm really thankful to everyone who made this course happen.I'd definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in security. Thanks again for this amazing experience.
Omar Mo
17:22 22 Jul 24
I would like to mention Eddie and Mike. You guys are stars and highly professional, especially Eddie, who was always listening attentively to answer questions and giving a lot of advice when it was needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the static gaurding course. Thanks for the help.
Munsab khan Munkhani
23:43 21 Jul 24
Saima Saleem
16:21 21 Jul 24
I would like to extend my gratitude to ICSE for the outstanding QQI Level Training on the Combined Security course. A special thanks to Dave Brown, our exceptional instructor, whose unwavering support, deep understanding, and expert guidance were truly transformative. When I started, I had no prior knowledge or experience and was particularly apprehensive about the tasks and assignments, especially the video recordings. However, with Dave's guidance and encouragement, I was able to overcome my fears and complete my assignments with confidence. His remarkable efforts and mentorship, combined with his understanding of my limitations, provided me with the full support I needed to manage and succeed in my tasks. It is through his dedication and commitment that I have achieved this milestone. Thank you, Dave, and thank you, ICSE, for this invaluable and enriching experience.
patricia mccarthy
16:17 20 Jul 24
This combined course I done was really professional and would advice anyone if there having doubts don't as the tutors were helpful and so respectful, thanx so much to David sweeney and Paul grealish the 2 tutors I had for 2 weeks.
Aaron Bates
22:15 19 Jul 24
Lakshmi Naidu
15:53 19 Jul 24
I would like to mention Mike, Paul Grelish, Dave Sweeney, and Tony McCann. You guys are stars , and highly professional and don't put up with inefficient people. you guys taught me a so many things,Thank you so much.
Brian Paul Ritchie
08:54 18 Jul 24
Dave made the course enjoyable and informative. He was always on hand to answer questions and give advice when needed. Thanks for all your help.
Cathriona Costello
20:42 17 Jul 24
I have been doing an online security course with Dave Brown for the last few weeks,I have done alot of courses over the years and Daves was definitely one of the most enjoyable knowledgeable courses I have done,he made the learning easy and interesting and his knowledge is impeccable to say the least I would highly recommend him to anyone who would want to take the course.
Stevie Kelly
19:51 17 Jul 24
Dave was great really helped with all the question I had
Faoud faoud1
10:21 17 Jul 24
Blueson Biju
13:58 15 Jul 24
My experience with ICSE was excellent. The platform is detailed and user-friendly, packed with valuable information. Instructors Tony Mc cann and Dave Sweenly were professional and punctual, clearly explaining concepts with practical case studies. Highly recommend ICSE for effective online learning. Special thanks to Mr. Paul, Eddie, and the office team.
Osobhalen Udegbe
12:23 15 Jul 24
Martin Joy
12:14 15 Jul 24
Great team of workers highly recommend them al so helpfull and great to work with
Vishnu Acharya
12:12 15 Jul 24
Excellent teachers! Mike, Paul Grelish, Dave Sweeney, and Tony McCann. You guys taught me a lot of things. They are highly professional and don't put up with inefficient people. There is something endearing about each of these guys, so I would suggest taking a course with them. Anyhow, you wouldn't be dozing off while listening to them. Five stars all around.
Rufino De los Reyes
17:54 11 Jul 24
Mehul Patil
11:19 11 Jul 24
I wanted to express my gratitude and share my thoughts on my recent experience with ICSE while completing the course. I would like to extend special thanks to Tutors Mike and Eddie for their outstanding instruction. Their guidance was clear and accessible, and their willingness to assist made the learning experience very enjoyable. Once again, thank you to Mike and Eddie for their remarkable support and expertise.
thomas connors
11:10 11 Jul 24
John Kelly
11:08 11 Jul 24
Great instructors! Tony McCann, Dave Sweeney, Paul Grelish and Mike. I learned a lot from you all. They are very professional and have zero tolerance for time wasters. I would recommend doing a course with these guys as they have a likability about all of them. You wouldn't be falling asleep listening to them anyway. 5 stars all the way.
Person Korn
15:56 09 Jul 24
Eddie. L and Michael. H, are fantastic and very good tutors. They are very helpful and they know what they are doing and talking about. 5/5⭐!
Subin Sharon
11:47 08 Jul 24
Illya A
22:09 07 Jul 24
I want to highlight the fact that content is well prepared and remains consistent. Tutors are really professionals and you could feel it.Only one thing that confused me is a first intro meeting process. It was quite authoritative and left a bad first impression.But in the end of the course I was satisfied because I received what I came for.Once again, thank you for your work.
Chisom William
10:22 07 Jul 24
This security course is a blessing to me and a life changing experience, I had wonderful time during all the sections and all the tutors are awesome and amazing 👏 I will gladly recommend ICSE to my friends and neighbours. Thanks for your teachings I lenth alot. God bless you all.Chisom William.
Jack Oreilly
12:08 06 Jul 24
Amazing people and amazing course
Stuart O'Rourke
21:40 05 Jul 24
Nearly completed course, exam to do, but It has been a complete learning experience guided by Eoin, who's complete and experienced knowledge made the course very interesting and worthwhile. Expect to do more than the on-line hours but by engaging with and guidance from Eoin and his colleagues you will enjoy it immensely.
Mihai Suciu
15:46 05 Jul 24
Godfrey Letsholo
19:56 04 Jul 24
Fantastic atmosphere, the tutor went above and beyond, was always available to assist at anytime
TáDeLunar TáLegit
23:01 03 Jul 24
Hi dear, i want to thank the ICSE for the opportunity of participate of that course that for me is the best security course in Ireland. Congratulations for all the ICSE team, in special, my tutor. He is patient and is proffesional, thank you.
Mikey Fitz
20:46 03 Jul 24
Brilliant team to do a course with, very helpful if you have any trouble understanding anything, would definitely recommend them if it's something you have any interest getting into, thanks to Eoin, it was a pleasure learning from you.
Sean Keane
19:45 03 Jul 24
I had Eoin Power as my tutor and he was great to deal with, any questions we had he answered, he made it very interesting and brought abit of fun to it, he seem genuinely interested into tutoring us and made sure we all understood, I'd highly recommend anyone to do a course with eoin as the tutor
Thomas O' Callaghan
16:33 03 Jul 24
I recently completed a course led by Eoin Power and the ICSE team, and I can't recommend it highly enough. The course was expertly organized and delivered, making complex topics easy to understand. Eoin's clear and insightful teaching, created a supportive and engaging learning environment. Thank you to Eoin and the ICSE team for a fantastic educational experience!
Allen Nyamwiza
20:15 02 Jul 24
This has been the best online learning experience ever with Eoin PowerYou made every session easier and educative. Thanks
tony mura
22:07 01 Jul 24
good security school.
14:06 01 Jul 24
Good, am more please with the over performance, the lecture was perfect l love the mode of explanation of Mr. Michael Henderson and Mr. David, the video use throughout the course is very clear to me l love the general atmosphere of the Zoom lecture it was friendly, l promise to continuing my programme to attain greater high with ICSE, the customer care service is very good.
Christopher Carson
13:12 01 Jul 24
Well balanced and structured course.Tutors very helpful,organised and knowledgeable. I recommend anybody looking to get trained to definitely use this Company.
Finn Mckeown
17:55 27 Jun 24
Top quality training that will have you well informed and qualified before starting to work in the Industry. Tutor Eoin Power was great, the course ran smoothly and we all enjoyed it. Thanks lads
William B
14:23 27 Jun 24
Great Service, Easy to follow E-Learning platform and explained to a very high standard by Eoin Power who helped us.would definitely recommend.
francis morrissey
23:45 26 Jun 24
K M Shakibur Rahman
23:20 25 Jun 24
Amanda Mcfadden
17:13 25 Jun 24
Experience of this Course so far has been amazing , the Main instructors are Eddie, Paul & Tony , whom explain everything perfectly and have more than enough patience for everyone on the training course, they go over everything and then again, they use examples of situations you'll most likely be in and explain that your answer isnt excactly wrong but this is another way that situation could go or be. Have nothing Negative to say, and ive recommend this course to others already , 3 of which will 100% be doing this course in the following weeks.Thanking the guys for all their teaching.
Kartik Kodilkar
15:53 25 Jun 24
In session from June 18 for Combined security licensed course with Eddie, Paul and Tony. Impressive and well descriptive course with the team. Enjoyed and highly recommended for everyone interested in working for secuity
Kamil kaczynski 2
17:23 24 Jun 24
Highly recommending Eion Power as a Tutor,helped me understanding all security duty and explained all the necessary information. Thanks again Eoin
Ryan Carrick
17:20 24 Jun 24
Great experience with a great staff with a well explained and detailed course. Big thanks to Eoin Power for the help with the course!
Walter Rockett
17:03 24 Jun 24
Great coverage of a broad range of content.Great instructors patiently go thru the topics and important aspects of the training and examination process.Online training notes provide great summary information.
Errol D'Mello
10:11 24 Jun 24
Excellent place to learn, since they personally help and teach each one, and make sure they answer all questions we have.Industry Based Experts, with over 2-3 decades of experience, so you are in the right place.They make sure you are ready and prepared to take on the Security Industry.Great respect and thanks to all the tutors at ICSE, my experience was wonderful in learning the course.Regards,Errol DMello
This is the best platform to learn security course as they will mold you to become a good, disciplined and punctual person. Go for it.
fernando scigliano
17:06 23 Jun 24
Muy buen curso, muy claro el profesor Dave brown, muy recomendable!!
16:47 23 Jun 24
It was really an insightful and well structured class. I had the best instructor, Dave Brown, who guided us through each of the lessons professionally and had fun at the same time. Each class was very unique and interactive. I would recommend ICSE any day, Thanks for being the best.
Cathal Kelly
15:06 23 Jun 24
Dave was our presenter and found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Also made the course much more pleasurable.many thanks Dave
clint ya
11:21 23 Jun 24
Excellent instructor with great knowledge and very approachable when you have any quetions
Umad 500
14:01 22 Jun 24
Excellent experience highly recommended.
Hashim Abdirisack
23:37 21 Jun 24
I enjoyed learning and it was enjoyable. Thanks to the security trainer.
Aryson Rispoli
14:48 21 Jun 24
Muhammad Bilal
22:39 18 Jun 24
It was a great experience with ICSE to get the training of QQI level 4 guarding course. Specially #Eddie has a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, making learning engaging and effective. Additionally, #Mike's continued support made things more easy.
Daire MacAughligh
17:43 18 Jun 24
Fantastic resources, easy to use portal and very informed and communicative tutors.
ICSE is best option to obtain the security training. It provide's different types of security trainings at a fast pase. The course design is good. Trainers Eddie Loakman and Mike Henderson are good, their way of explanination make complex scenarios easier to understand. Thank You TRAINERS and ICSE...!!
Tope Abiodun
23:46 17 Jun 24
Femi Obadimu
11:43 17 Jun 24
Good experience. Paul and Mark did a wonderful job
Kauan Luz
16:05 14 Jun 24
Gavrilo Merede
13:56 13 Jun 24
ICSE is a place of high quality training and I am very thankful for being given the opportunity to participate.The lessons are interesting, interactive and easily understandable. If you need any extra help, they are always happy to help.Special thanks to Tony and Paul for the memorable lessons and stories.
Michael O Brien
08:42 13 Jun 24
Very good course. Very informative. Eoin was brilliant and delivered all the material Very well and always helped any time we needed any guidance along the way. 5 star
Naoise Walsh
08:32 13 Jun 24
Very clear and detailed explanation
Inayat Behram Khan
19:48 12 Jun 24
First of all it was a pleasure to be trained with such an amazing and well trained teachers,they are the best and really helpful,super special thanks to all the ICSE team, and special thanks to my amazing teacher Michael Henderson and Tony McCann,I already recommend to my friends and will recommend it in the futureOnce again thanks for all the amazing teaching experiences and was a pleasure to get my training done with ICSE and get the certificateWish you all the best and God bless 🤲
Shahid Iqbal
22:30 11 Jun 24
It was great experience with ICSE while I was doing the courseTutors Mike and Eddie were excellent.Learn alot about Security Industry.I personally highly recommend ICSE ,because tutors are really helpful and easy to follow they're instructions.Thanks to Mike and Eddie
Lineesh Ep
17:07 11 Jun 24
ICSE security training course is an excellent idea for security jobs. They have qualified and well experience faculties like Eddie Loakman, Mike Henderson and Tony Mccann. I really thankful to my tutors for their help through out this course and making it easy to understand. Highly recommended!
Tarik Velic
13:30 11 Jun 24
Hamza Ali
11:50 11 Jun 24
I was doing course with icse and this is very a good institute. And all tutors are very well.If there any problems, they are always ready to help their with guysI would like to highly recommended to everyone one…. Thanks Icse 🙏🙏
vignesh karunakaran
14:33 10 Jun 24
Great place and Professional tutors
Jerry Bergin
13:58 10 Jun 24
I found the contentvof the course to be very informative. The modules were set out in a very clear manner and the questions provided an ideal forum to test my knowledge of the individual modules.I received plenty of help from thevinstructors navigating the technical aspects of the online course.I have no hesitation in recommending this and other courses by ICSE to people.
Andrei Scarevnea
10:26 10 Jun 24
Very great tutors and well structured material.
Tejas Deshmukh
21:37 09 Jun 24
Tutors Eddie and Mike helped me a lot in learning of about basics of Irish law and concept of security. Their lucid way of teaching made it easy to understand the complex concepts . Tutor Tony had few but impactful sessions . I would recommend ICSE security to others.
David Murphy
14:09 09 Jun 24
Eoin was a great tutor who explained everything covered within the live sessions and had no issues in discussing anything we learned and didn't understand ourselves through our self learning part of the course, he answered and explained any questions we may have had. I would definitely recommend this course to any of my friends or colleagues looking to pursue an interest in Door supervision work
Brandon McEnroe
23:49 08 Jun 24
Really enjoyed the course tutor Des was excellent to work with and learn alot about Security Industry.I recommend ICSE because tutor was really helpful and easy to follow instructions.Thanks to Des.
rahul somutte
16:04 08 Jun 24
"Highly supportive instructor and outstanding training and study resources."
Emonina Ruky
15:57 06 Jun 24
am delighted to an amazing tutors, EDDIE LOAKMAN and MICHAEL HENDERSON....they are outstanding at what they do ,easy to learn and understand from these two. thank you sirs again........Emonina Marvis Akpobor
Giorgi Sachishvili
13:20 06 Jun 24
Ali Waleed
11:06 06 Jun 24
Vey good & interesting course Eddie Loakman and Mike Henderson are helpful
The training was very good experience and excellent sessions.Mr Tony was taking class for me really knowledgeable and high standard.💯
Masterplan Oaks
14:22 04 Jun 24
Good course. Accelerated, high paced but worth it. Definitely recommended.Instructors were unnecessarily harsh at times; created an atmosphere of unease. Would have been 5-stars otherwise.Big thanks to all instructors, Dave Sweeney, Paul Grealish and Tony McCann.
Good method to teach and good tutor. Really enjoyed the course
Sophie Barry
22:58 03 Jun 24
the lads that teach the course is amazing and very very helpful
Shyam Sundar G
21:48 03 Jun 24
Tony, Paul, David and Mike were my tutors for the combined course. They were so excellent in the teaching, guiding through the course and clearing the doubts we had. Thank you for sharing the knowledge, making understand of that and using it the good way.
Frank Koky
15:52 31 May 24
I am really thankful to Eddie Loakman , Mike Henderson ,Tony Mccann and Mark Toner for their dedicated teachings throughout this course and making it easy to understand and help me to pass the course successfully . I highly recommend the ICSE for all those who plan to do security courses in Ireland. Once again thank you all my Tutors.
aaroh bhargava
02:41 28 May 24
Loved the training course, it was all full of fun and activities. Interesting enough to listen to and provided great knowledge before starting a job in the security industry. I was tutored by Mike and Eddie for the most part. Both did a great job, overall very happy with the course and received the results in the promised time too. Couldn't complaint about anything. Thank you ICSE it was a wonderful course.
Adam cuddihy
16:47 27 May 24
I would highly recommend Icse security course the lads are very nice and helpfulthanks to mick and Eddie as my tutors very helpful and sound 🙏
Kelvin Struthers
14:47 27 May 24
just wanna say thanks to Eddie Loakman and Mike Henderson for being very thorough in this course and making it easy to understand.thank you
Mark Cadden
13:22 27 May 24
Great college. I heard only good things before I started my course. The tutors have years of experience across the industry. Students are given real life applications of material studied. I'll do more courses with them in the future.
12:05 27 May 24
reziko kuxianidze
11:48 27 May 24
best Elearning platform in security industry
bilal mir
02:38 27 May 24
Amazing course all the teachers are exigent, Dave, Paul and Tony have been sharing their experiences in security industry which enlightened all the students, they are very polite and helpful and take the suggestions positively
Christopher Wyse
18:19 26 May 24
I enjoyed it i learned a lot of information about security Excellence thanks so much
Adam Lingane
20:41 25 May 24
Dave Brown was a top class instructor.
Biodun haastrup
16:12 24 May 24
Great Tutors who knows their onions, drives home the points safely and let you know about all the security apparatus and how you can safeguard yourself when it come to Health and safety.I strongly recommend this course for those who are serious in safeguarding humanity.
Anthony O’Connor
11:23 23 May 24
Kate O' Grady
19:21 22 May 24
Great course. Dave, our instructor, was so helpful, kind and good fun. He made learning the work easier and more enjoyable.
conor glynn
18:56 22 May 24
Dave was extremely helpful with any questions I had, easy to understand and good crack
Elliot Wrenne
18:55 22 May 24
Dave was excellent, explained and teached the course very well
Eoin Gallagher
11:54 21 May 24
I just finished the course and our tutor Eoin Power was excellent, he was always really easy to contact should we have any questions and I really enjoyed the live lectures with him.
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