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Kieran O Sullivan
10:13 28 Nov 23
I had Dave Brown as my tutor on a recent ICSE course. He was extremely good giving the course and he was also very helpful to all of the participants . Kieron ( Cork)
Ercü Ment
01:40 28 Nov 23
Paul Reilly
21:07 27 Nov 23
Great experience all round had good knowledge of security starting the course but still learned a lot of new and useful info thoroughly enjoyed the course, credit to Dave great instructor 👍
Lancelot Tshabalala
17:16 27 Nov 23
johnson joseph
16:36 27 Nov 23
I am very happy that i have chosen ICSE as my training provider as the experience with ICSE was great. Mr Tony was exceptional in clearing all of our doubts and the assessments of different scenarios were taught and guided extremely well. Of course the training materials were good enough for any newcomer to the industry to understand the process and procedures. Moreover small sessions of kahoot were very interesting. Finally a big gesture of gratitude to all the instructors and especially to Mr Tony Mccain for all the support and guidance. Thank you all
Stephen Flannery
15:17 27 Nov 23
I have recently completed the ICSE security online course. Id definitely recommend this course.My tutors were very friendly and supportive. This course is very informative and comprehensive and I really enjoyed it. Many thanks Stephen
Lluvia Angeles
15:21 23 Nov 23
Jessica Clarke
00:00 23 Nov 23
Excellent experience with this course, Dave's teaching was very effective and helpful. I highly recommend it.
Mairead Jones
22:46 22 Nov 23
Dave of ICSE was very helpful throughout my experience doing online sessions for the QQI Security and Guarding. Great course.
Michael Mc crossan
09:48 22 Nov 23
Great quality training from ICSE. Any issues will be resolved concerning getting your license. Highly recommend this company
Nikolaj Voitenko
19:37 20 Nov 23
Wery good course, wery interesting.
Cian Kelleher
16:44 20 Nov 23
Very helpful and professional. Recommend highly
Young G
15:12 20 Nov 23
The ICSE team and the tutors provided a high level of professionalism, I was very happy with them, everything was very useful and they took care of us! Kind regards and I want to thank them for all the support! Excellent job, highly recommend!
Arnie Kahn
14:57 20 Nov 23
Top quality training provided by highly professional and experienced tutors.
srihari reddy
11:33 16 Nov 23
amazing training the program
Zahid Maher
19:57 14 Nov 23
I completed the online door security and guarding skills course with the ICSE. what an experience very friendly and professional staff and absolute great trainer...Hat's off to Mr Das, very Professional, helpful and supportive. thanks a million to you all.
Aminul Is
13:21 14 Nov 23
ICSE 10/10 highly recommended best Training Provider in Ireland, my name is Aminul Islam I got my TRF today, I completed QQI Level 4 Courses security guarding skills and Door Security skills with ICSE, They’re all very professional and helpful, Especially Joanne Toner very helpful and kind,Thank you very much and take care…
Ryan Mac Aodha
20:15 13 Nov 23
Despite having a setback during my time on the course, the tutors were unbelievable, very fine details and great banter, explained everything down to the final nook and cranny and also buzzed off the lads and made you feel welcome, really appreciated and enjoyed attending every session on zoom, again the tutors Mike, Paul, Thomas thank you for providing excellent service and cant forget about tony in our final exam, thanks lads.
Muhammad Ismail
16:52 13 Nov 23
Brilliant Institute.
Jonathan Egan
16:25 13 Nov 23
I did the QQ1 Level 4 Guarding course, with Tony and Eddie. The E Learning link is easy to negotiate, and they were very professional and helpful.
Josip Boban
15:51 13 Nov 23
im very happy with my teacher Dave Brown.He explained everything very nice and i have learn from Dave a lot.Dave is very calm person.Dave alsp took a lot o patience to explain everything properly.Once again thank you Dave so much.Dave Dave Dave Dave
hugh mcdonagh
13:00 12 Nov 23
Dave was an fantastic teacher in the course he made the course very interesting and enjoyable would high recommend
21:13 09 Nov 23
David's course was well presented, informative and good value.
Massab Nazeer
20:50 08 Nov 23
Took a course for combined security license both for guarding and door security. The tutor Dave was exceptional. I really enjoyed the friendly but informative sessions and also Dave was very helpful and available through email all the times.
20:48 08 Nov 23
Did the course with tutor Dave Brown. Dave was very informative, encouraged people to ask plenty of questions.
Md alam Ahmad
20:39 31 Oct 23
Paul Delaney
19:40 31 Oct 23
I had a great experience with Dave brown he is a great tutor thanks Dave for everything I learnt off you I really appreciate it
biggiee bigstar
17:13 31 Oct 23
A highly skilled and professional team, I won't hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone. Thanx for my qualifications and best of luck
16:10 31 Oct 23
Extraordinary level of education and great attention to detail in every aspect being taught! Highly recommended!
Joe Curran
16:57 26 Oct 23
Dave is a great tutor ,,,Dave is easy to listen to and Dave made it fun to learn...Dave gets 10 out of 10 from me ..thanks Dave ....
Donna Byrne
21:58 25 Oct 23
Dave was a great tutor. Clear in his teaching and explained everything perfect when I asked a question. He didn't hesitate in helping at all. Dave was a delight to have helping me on this course and a real credit to ICSE
Mark Hughes
21:28 25 Oct 23
Great course, very well laid out. My tutor Dave made everything really easy to follow along. Dave also created a friendly and learning environment.
Manna Rahman
20:05 25 Oct 23
Aidan Dowd
21:41 17 Oct 23
19:00 16 Oct 23
Great course would definitely recommend, the tutor over my course Dave , was very helpful and patient throughout the whole course 10/10
Aaron Smith
10:52 16 Oct 23
Thank you guys! Couldn’t ask for better tutors
kayden blackhall
10:39 16 Oct 23
10/10 service and very professional. Highly recommend. Thanks Mike & Eddie.
ygm non
12:23 14 Oct 23
I've completed all the online sessions (evening) for the QQI level 4 Guarding Skills and Door Security with ICSE. Dave was our instructor for the course. Put simply, I'd recommend it in an instant. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but was so pleasantly surprised. As enjoyable as it was informative, I really can't fault the way the course content was delivered. A very satisfied customer.John M.
felipe oliveira
08:46 14 Oct 23
Incredible course, very complete, you leave ready to carry out the work
23:37 11 Oct 23
I completed the course QQI level 4 Guarding Skills and Door security with ICSE. My tutor Dave Brown was Professional, helpful, supportive, and most of all comfortable experience. All the course videos really helpful also technique videos really good. Really satisfied. I can 100% recommend to anyone in a heartbeat best place to do a security Course in Ireland.
Maurice Fitzgerald
15:56 10 Oct 23
Did (all) the courses on offer at the ICSE. Very professional with industry honed professional tutors, who have hands on experience in the security sector at all levels who will give you a very real sense of the very serious business of the security sector. A wide and comprehensive range of topics are covered from fundamental basic skills needed to advanced techniques, including real live accounts from tutors of what they actually experienced on the job. The ICSE have a wide range of courses to choose from, which tailor each participant to their security industry requirements, or the requirements of their employers. The courses are very competitively priced, with and advice on courses about licensing and what is required to enter the professional security sector. Level 6 Supervisory Management and Investigator are great add ons to level 4. Highly recommended, exciting, and enjoyable. Go for it!
Brendan Pracy
12:22 10 Oct 23
The Benson's Kitchen
10:44 03 Oct 23
My name is Nathaniel Benson and i want to say a very big thanks to my tutor Mr Dave Brown , for his patience and ways of teaching, i really appreciate his effort for making sure that everybody was carried along thank you once again you worth it.
james barron
19:18 02 Oct 23
I would like to thank my tutor dave brown who was great made it a comfortable learning experience and would like to thank him for being very helpful and was very patient with all my questions
17:06 02 Oct 23
Best decision for getting the depth knowledge. Classes by work experienced tutors was very helpful.
Ali Ikram
15:16 02 Oct 23
HIGHLY RECOMMEND, I completed a level 4 static security course with icse, and the tutors were very helpful, informative and kind, had a great tim with them, genuinely great people looking to help others, had a great laugh with mike wish them all the best.
Paddy Ward
15:06 02 Oct 23
Katie McGettigan
17:44 29 Sep 23
dave was a great tutor and made it a really good learning enviroment
karol lemanski
20:11 27 Sep 23
100 % PERFEKT CURSE Definitely HIGH recommendations !!!
Kestutis Valiukevicius
19:48 27 Sep 23
Tutor Dave Brown, very inteligent, good explanations, a lot of usefull information based on experience, all questions answered.
06:28 26 Sep 23
I completed the online door security and guarding skills course with the ICSE. The course materials were good and very helpful and also the pre-recorded videos were clear as same that we are in live classes and also the daily live classes which was delivered through Zoom were very helpful. The standard of teaching by all were very good and they were very helpful for all my queries.I am very happy to inform that i have completed my course with the ICSE. If anyone wish to do the security course sure i will recommend ICSE.
Chris Flood
14:51 25 Sep 23
Very professional.very helpful.straight forward learning.
Johandre Minnie
14:05 25 Sep 23
Thanks for your time to learn and guidance through the program
Amer Bacha
11:57 21 Sep 23
I'm very happy to finish my security training from there it's very good training center
Jose Aguilar
12:32 20 Sep 23
Prince Osazee
04:38 20 Sep 23
Carlos friciu
13:53 19 Sep 23
Luka N
10:33 19 Sep 23
I highly recommend this company. Extremely enlightening, encouraging and professional. My tutor Dave Brown was outstanding, knowledgeable and very supportive.
Reuben MacCurtain
08:55 19 Sep 23
Great course and instructor. You actually feel ready for the job after the course.
Rafael Falcão Pereira
08:54 19 Sep 23
Best security course for sure, great assistance in every single detail
08:26 19 Sep 23
I completed the online door security and guarding skills course with the ICSE. The course materials were good and included pre-recorded videos, manuals in PDF form and live classes delivered through Zoom.I thought the standard of teaching was very good. The tutors were helpful. I am pleased that I completed the course with the ICSE. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to do a security course in Ireland.
Ratake Kanji
00:02 19 Sep 23
very objective and good explaining mentor. Im realy happy that we could learn so much and that we cross our paths
Fermal Elahi
20:56 18 Sep 23
Dave brown is an excellent tutor definitely had a good time with him as a tutor👍
prasad nair
16:51 18 Sep 23
Recently completed my static guarding licence certification, I would say it is Best training centre for security licence, and special thanks to tutor Paul Grealish, experienced and very professional, detailed oriented, best trainer for security training.
12:03 18 Sep 23
The course was well done plenty of information I really enjoyed it fare play to the lads running it
Riaz Hadi
15:48 11 Sep 23
Thanks to all Team of ICSE and specially Tony McCan and Micheal Handerson
Wayne Houghton
14:22 11 Sep 23
I really enjoyed the course the lads did an excellent job of teaching me .made it fun and easy enjoyable
Barry Collins
12:09 11 Sep 23
This course is well worth the effort. The tutors are well informed and helpful and the course material is excellent.
Bibin A Koshy
15:37 07 Sep 23
23:35 05 Sep 23
Carolina Teixeira
21:13 04 Sep 23
A very well-structured course, with excellent professionals, all very attentive. ICSE has an incredible team! I highly recommend it!
Athanasius Uruawuike
15:26 04 Sep 23
Very satisfying with tutors pattern of teaching. It makes one to be focus and learn.
ICSE provides an excellent course. I really appreciated. I would recommend.
Lorraine Johnston
21:46 02 Sep 23
I completed the course guarding and door security level 4 QQI online recently. I highly recommend this company. Very informative, supportive and very professional. I really enjoyed the course and delighted with my overall results. Dave Brown my tutor was excellent, friendly, professional, informative and so helpful and supportive. Thanks Dave, Mark and all involved! Best wishes always and to those doing the courses.You won’t regret it! 👍☘️😊⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ezequias Edgar Barbosa
13:40 22 Aug 23
01:15 22 Aug 23
The entire course was very well structured, full of materials and great tutors..
zayk kayz
18:49 21 Aug 23
Very competent teacher. Great institute everything was done professionally Mike was my teacher and he is great at his job highly recommended.
Pat Harte
15:14 21 Aug 23
From start to finish everyone was very helpful and in particular I would like to thank Mike Henderson my tutor for helping me get over the line, I enjoyed his classes so much, also I'd like to thank icse for giving me the opportunity to get back to work
Michele Regis
19:54 19 Aug 23
I loved the course. But at the end I was in doubt about my results that were not clear. I also need to receive my documents to enter my license that were sent to me on Monday 14 August and I did not receive. Could they help me expedite my process and get my license
Chaitanya Joshi
15:32 15 Aug 23
Elly Kiprono
12:03 15 Aug 23
Awesome training. Very resourceful. Thanks Paul, and Tom sesko
Sreejith K
09:56 15 Aug 23
My experience with ICSE has been positive, and I believe it can be a valuable resource for individuals looking to enter or advance in the security industry."
Michele Régis
00:58 15 Aug 23
Amazing experience. Very cordial and professional. I learned a lot in this profession and I am ready and confident. Thank you very much ICSE
Erick Minelli
18:02 11 Aug 23
14:03 09 Aug 23
Dave brown is one of the lecturethe cool person with a good support
Shoaib Abdullah
11:40 09 Aug 23
I am very happy with the training & behaviors of the trainers they're very professional, I had amazing time & fun I would suggest everyone trust me you will learn a lot.Best Regards
Mary Gallagher
10:10 09 Aug 23
I completed the level 4 QQ1 static guarding and door security online, evening course with ICSE in August 2023The course is very comprehensive and informative, and the course materials are excellent .Our course facilitator was Dave Brown . Dave was very professional in his delivery of the course.He was able to communicate effectively, and brought us through the various elements of the course and his presentations were interesting as he was able to draw on examples as he worked in the profession.Dave was very genuine. He went to great efforts to answer and explain questions which arose over the duration of the course.Having an online evening option was really convenient especially when you do not live near a training centre.I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others.
michael Akinbile
22:17 08 Aug 23
Indepth teaching,was satisfy by tutors and coverage of all security related needed.They are quite knowledgeable.
Brian Lavin
18:19 08 Aug 23
Recently finished the QQI level 4 security course. Found all the instructors very helpful and nothing was ever a problem. Would highly recommend.
Jepkorir Shazy
11:10 08 Aug 23
I had a great session with great tutors cheers
Josiane Gonçalves
01:00 08 Aug 23
O melhor curso de segurança para quem deseja obter a PSA. Aulas agradáveis, muito bem explicadas, exercícios para praticar...Toda equipe muito atenciosa, todas dúvidas respondidas por e-mail com eficiência e praticidade! Super recomendo aos novos alunos.Muito obrigada ICSE 🙂 foi um prazer!
Pooja Arya
20:27 01 Aug 23
Outstanding course for anyone seeking their PSA licence! Plus excellent faculty. Everything was perfectly explained, and communication was excellent. The teaching staff are incredibly qualified, helpful, and educational!I strongly recommend ICSE!Thank you, ICSE!
Eric Mc Cormack
12:21 28 Jul 23
Dean Stenson
08:48 26 Jul 23
Dave was very friendly and approachable and professional overall I’d highly recommend icse and Dave for any courses in the future
Ahbab Ahmad
21:26 25 Jul 23
This course is fantastic, I enjoy doing the course. It was a nice experienced.
19:20 25 Jul 23
Very good, the course and the instructor are top notch, I learned a lot and I'm looking forward to applying my knowledge in my new career.
Yusuf Sanusi
11:44 25 Jul 23
Infact, my experience with icse was superb, the tutors are so good, they are really experts in the security industry, i highly recommend them to learn from.
Jimbo Farrell
11:28 25 Jul 23
just finished QQI Level 4 program with ICSE and i have to say if you are looking for a professionally run program this is the place. The tutors are very good at what they do and explain things very well and clear. All classes start on time and finish on time but they will stay back after class and give some people more of there time if needed to answer questions . all in all its very well structured and easy to pass if you just listen to the tutors and do your home work ... So its a five star from me .. and thanks a million to Paul and Tony they main two guys who i dealt with. I would recommend to anyone go with ICSE
Sojib Bhuyan
18:40 17 Jul 23
ICSE Security Training Company. Dublin, Cork & Galway. The Premier Security Training Course Company. It was a great training and our tutors was very friendly. I'll recommended this company for doing security course.
Jishu John
15:42 17 Jul 23
Recently completed my course with ICSE, experience was really awesome, very helpful tutor both Michael Henderson & Tony McCann, full support was been provided and I am really very thankful for whole team of ICSE. Thanks again for those Wonderfull time.
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