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Pablo Luan
14:28 13 Apr 24
Really good group and course! Special thanks to professor Dave Brown, an excellent person, very friendly and with a great dynamic. Congratulations to everyone involved!
Gearoid Walsh
19:52 11 Apr 24
Very informative course we'll worth doing, I was between two minds when getting into security work but having completed the course I'm confident the skills I've learned and knowledge ive gained will stand to me. A mention to Dave Brown our tutor his knowledge of the industry is second to none and was more than willing to answer and questions or concerns we had.
13:25 10 Apr 24
It was a perfect course, thanks for everything Dave.
Hans Jürgen Bliessen
13:22 09 Apr 24
I enjoyed the the QQI level4 Course,the Tutors were very helpful and easy to talk to,I would highly Recommend this Course to anyone that has Plans to work in the Security sector. Once again thank you all for your Patience and help.
Patrick Mccarthy
10:32 09 Apr 24
It was pretty good i learned alot although it can seem daunting just do as the instructors ask and you should have no problems its basic listening and learning with a dash of homworkI would recomend icse to any ome looking for courses my course qas carried out in a well prepared and constructive manner
Kevin Dundon
21:51 08 Apr 24
Great course. Eoin was excellent!
Mateo Prenga
16:26 08 Apr 24
great way to learn and get the security licence, shout out to tutor Eoin Power great tutor explains everything in details
Kevin Doody
14:38 08 Apr 24
I done this course wit eoin power excellent tutor
Webert Rodrigues
14:32 08 Apr 24
Karthikeyan B
13:02 08 Apr 24
I truly believe, ICSE is one of the most prestigious institution when it comes to PSA security training courses. ICSE is filled with solid industry experience. Tutors are experienced. I personally enjoyed training from industry veterans like Mr.Eddy and Mr. Mike (Sorry for name dropping). Overall, I would definitely recommend ICSE to anyone who are determined to get PSA training
12:47 08 Apr 24
callum watters
19:51 04 Apr 24
Just finishing a evening course Eoin was our touter very helpful and he was very understanding with the people of the group covered everything answered every question that we asked was fair to everybody a great touter to have… and Eoin if you see this we didn’t hear the dog bark atall 😂 thanks a million for everything your a top bloke 👍
Chloe L
19:49 04 Apr 24
Brilliant course, website lay out makes the course load very easy to get through. Eoin was a great tutor and gave plenty of advice learned from his own work in security!
malik anwar
19:47 04 Apr 24
Eoin Power is the best, thank you ICSE for the amazing course, can't wait to put in practice what id learn with you guys.
Greg Cahill
19:06 02 Apr 24
Brilliant course, very detailed and straight forward, worth the money 100%, having dave brown as my tutor also made the experince 5 🌟 top man
Nnaemeka Joseph
17:55 02 Apr 24
My experience with the ICSE was simply excellent. The online learning platform was detailed and carried loads of information. Specially, the tutor/instructor, Dave Brown, was excellent and so professional. He kept to the time for each session, and explained the contents of the course in a very beginner-friendly manner, using practical case studies to drive home his points. Excellent.
Nicolas Heidrich
17:40 02 Apr 24
Great professionals, good platform to study. And Dave Brown is awesome tutor and professional!
Smael Carlos
14:46 02 Apr 24
I had an excellent experience on the course, which as a foreigner could have been difficult, but was extremely rich in content and in a light-hearted way! Tutor Eoin had a hand in my success! Thanks
Higor Alkimim
14:46 02 Apr 24
This online security course company is awesome! These guys rock! The content is top-notch, the instructors are super cool, and the way they teach is so easy to grasp. I'm feeling much more prepared now, totally recommend it with my eyes closed!
I had the classes with Dave Brown, an amazing guy always ready to help us, giving us important tips to be aware of and giving various examples of real life situation. I couldn't be more satisfied. Great course.
josh miller
20:54 27 Mar 24
The tutor eoin helped us a lot with understanding when to expect from his own experience and that helped immensely
Murilo Zaninelo Rotoli
20:47 27 Mar 24
Kranthi kumar Badugu
14:30 27 Mar 24
Yunus Atak
12:51 27 Mar 24
kanishka munasinghe
10:41 22 Mar 24
The International Center for Security Excellence stands as a shining example of excellence in security education and training. With their unparalleled expertise, comprehensive curriculum, and commitment to innovation. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to expand your skill set or a newcomer seeking to enter the world of security, ICSE is the ideal destination to embark on your journey towards excellence. Highly recommended without reservation.I would highly recommend Mr. Eoin Power, because he is an Outstanding tutor! Patient, knowledgeable, and highly effective. Transformed my understanding.
alinamonica diaconu
05:12 22 Mar 24
My experience with ISCE is like everytime when I start a new course,I feel exited,and very emotional because everytime I learning something new,with a autocratic teacher at the beginning ,but during the course with a teacher who want us to give all the best for a best rezultate.
brengel dela cruz
20:49 21 Mar 24
Thank you ICSE and to our Tutor Eoin Power for all the information and the patience in sharing your knowledge and experiences about being a Security Operative. I highly recommend this company 100%.
atanda lateefat jumoke
20:40 21 Mar 24
This is to appreciate a good tutor, Eoin Power. He is such an inpirations to me personally. I will love to see him mentoring me and my group in the course of this journey. Thank you Eoin for been you.Lateefat
The course is very well planned and easy to understand. Tutor Eoin was excellent!!!
John Keogh
10:53 21 Mar 24
Excellent course. Very well presented by Tony McCann. Everything explained in great detail and in a practical way. Recently completed supervisory course with Tony McCann. I found Tony to be an excellent instructor. He gave good direction and motivation to do the work to the highest standard possible, at the same time he gave help when help was needed. Many thanks.
F Johnodigie
10:26 21 Mar 24
Excellent experience
Patrick Mensah
22:22 20 Mar 24
1000% recommend this company if youre looking to get your PSA license, dont think twice about signing up.My Tutor Eoin Power made our experience very wholesome. He made the course very enjoyable and assisted in all our assignments.The e-learning notes and videos are extremely useful in all your assignments.Credits to ICSE for creating such a welcoming and convenient platform. Keep up the work!
Felipe Eduardo
15:26 20 Mar 24
This course was very nice, Dave is a perfect teacher who is always care about our questions and answer it as fast as possible even out of the course time by email.
Matheus ZanOff
16:36 19 Mar 24
Dave was the best, thank you ICSE for the amazing course, can't wait to put in practice what id learn with you guys.
david franciosa
11:25 19 Mar 24
Exceptional security classes at the International Centre for Security Excellence, guided by Dave's expertise. Dave's teaching style was not only knowledgeable but also engaging, making each session valuable and enjoyable. I appreciated the practical insights and attention to detail. Whether you're new to security or seeking advanced training, this center, with Dave as an instructor, is the perfect choice. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about security education to work in the security industry.
Sidhant Raghav
09:26 17 Mar 24
Dave brown is the best.
Gustavo Vieira
21:59 15 Mar 24
I highly recommend ICSE! Dave brown was a great tutor thanks buddy!
Tunde Akin
02:20 15 Mar 24
Alan O Mahony
20:48 13 Mar 24
Dave was an excellent instructor who took the time to help us along answered all questions no problem and also offered real life experience and situations which I found excellent information. Would highly recommend this course and Dave as an instructor.
Abbie Dhadho
13:22 12 Mar 24
Fantastic training tutors, the interaction was top notch,positive class vibration, I really enjoyed each moment during the lessons all through.this is the best institution for security course and I'll recommend to anyone not to hesitate to come on board and enjoy the ride of security learning. Great job 👏 to all the icse member staffs for their hard work.i thank you for making it success.
Paulo Fontes
23:42 11 Mar 24
Those guys are not kidding around, they were capable of sintetize a really extended content in less than 2 weeks duration course in a very dynamic way. The tutors are patient and If you have any issue they reply incredibly fast. I recommend it!
Enigma Paradise
19:18 11 Mar 24
No matter how much I email this company or call they will never respond and I went dublin office the receptionist said ICSE has moved office she don't know where is the new office there is no response if you make payment,
Benjamin Marley
15:11 11 Mar 24
Musa Dlamini
13:57 11 Mar 24
Thank you to Mr Tony Mccan and Paul Grealish, my tutors you guys are the best.
bathula dinesh
13:05 11 Mar 24
Really good institution, I highly recommend this institute for everyone.
Reims Studio
11:48 11 Mar 24
My experience with ICSE while doing the QQI level 4 Guarding skills program was amazing.We Were taught all we needed to know as a security officer and also given the opportunity to do some practical sessions.Thank you for the amazing you are doing.
16:00 10 Mar 24
recently finished the door security course with Eoin Power, He is a great tutor, very enthusiastic and makes sure everyone feels included.
Max Viana
15:51 10 Mar 24
The content of the course was extremely relevant, and the instructor Eoin Power was very supportive. I recommend this course to anyone who need to apply for a PSA license.
Conor Lynch
15:50 10 Mar 24
Eoin Power was very accommodating and engaging for the coarse!
Adebayo Osaro Momodu
18:22 08 Mar 24
Anyway am just new here just that Am interested in this training of security Excellence that is all thanks
Apoorv Upadhyay
23:47 06 Mar 24
Just recently done with the (Static) Guarding & Door Security combined course by icse evening batch. The whole course is guided thoroughly with expertise by professionals with years of experience in the security industry. Thanks to Eion Power for his practical examples & extra patience for my stupid doubts. Hope would do better in future through my QQI Level 4 Certfication
christopher buckley
20:39 06 Mar 24
i applied for the evening psa license and door supervisor course and got eoin as my lecturer.he was great and very good at presenting the course and then clarify or answering questions. overall i had great experience in his lecture and the course its self was packed with alot of information surrounding the psa but presented perfectly.would recommend 10/10
Adella R
19:31 06 Mar 24
It was a real pleasure to learn with Eoin Power. All the information was explained so clear and he offered much more then what was included in the course. We were very engaged in conversations and the atmosphere was very pleasant. It was so easy and enjoyable to do this course with ICSE. Totally recommend it!
Ashhad Sidd
08:10 06 Mar 24
Dave is a good instructor
Robson Bernardino
19:52 04 Mar 24
My experience with Instructor Dave Brown was incredible. He possesses extensive knowledge and effectively conveyed it in a fun and educational manner. The course was highly beneficial.
Ivano Domenicali
18:52 04 Mar 24
very good course
bobby king
22:56 03 Mar 24
I had the pleasure of sitting my last session with Dave brown as my tutor and I have to say he is a brilliant teacher. The entire time we were in class he was patient and he was willing to give a helping hand when we misunderstood a question. he even went above and beyond to offer help and advice to each of us incase we were looking for work after the course. Unlike other lecturers that I have had during this course who talk down to students. Count your lucky stars if you have someone like Dave teaching you cause he's brilliant at what he does.
Chris O brien
11:53 03 Mar 24
Great course my Tutor was Dave Brown very informative was easy to learn from as he answers all questions with examples of real past events.
Vishesh Pandita
14:20 02 Mar 24
I had a great experience with ICSE. My instructor Dave Brown was amazing and supportive through out the course. Gem of a person. Learnt a lot from their course.
Paddy Murphy
16:02 01 Mar 24
All the lads giving this course were very patient , courteous and professional. I am 64 years old and not very "Techy" but with their help and pushing me to study hard, I am very proud to say that I received a Merit.
Razvan Lucian
11:19 01 Mar 24
The worst experience I could have. Everything was online. In the first day was the induction, they explaine 2 or 3 hours ( I can remember exactly ) how to stay during the course. To not move, to not talk to anyone else (I don't even know what we should have done if the postman called :)))))), because we will be kicked out of the class.I understood everything, there are rules of good behavior, normally we try to behave as appropriately as possible, but they took everything to the extreme. And worst of all, they repeated the same thing again and again throughout the first day.After 2 hours I started to ask myself when we really start the course.We didn't start any classes on the first day, we lost so many hours just to listen to someone constantly threatening us.The next day, the threats were repeated, and the course was read to us from PowerPoint. No explanations, no questions, no discussion on the presented topic.At the end, they asked us if we had any questions. Of course, they asked the question just for the sake of form - what can you ask after 2 hours in which a text was read to you?I was warned that they saw that a family member passed in the background. It was as quiet as possible. I chose the kitchen because it was the only place in the house that had good conditions (laptop table - light, etc.). What was I supposed to do? Shall I go to the bedroom? Should I attend the course from bed? It was better? All the family members knew that they had to be quiet and they tried as hard as they could.The story is longer, I just wanted you to get an idea about this company. I realized the difference better only after I did the course with another company. Where we worked together on subjects, where we really learned what we had to learn, where we respected each other, not just constantly threatening each other.Ahh, as a last addition, if you call their office forever the robot will answer and regardless of the time will tell you that they are on their breakfast break....
Hope Oleary
15:02 29 Feb 24
natan ribeiro
20:50 28 Feb 24
Dave is rock
Collins Okafor
11:18 27 Feb 24
A great course to undergoGreat tutors too
Atanas Bochev
19:47 26 Feb 24
The course was really well structured, all the materials and videos was up to date. I learned a lot because the E-learning platform and the tutor's sessions was perfectly synchronized. My tutor Eoin Power was really well prepared, with a great understanding of the topics, always with constant positive attitude and behavior. I recommend 100%.
Jordan Thompson
15:30 26 Feb 24
This is one of the best run courses I have ever done I’d like to thank Eddie loakman and Mike Henderson for making sure we got over the line , I hope to see you as Tutors again soon!
10:10 24 Feb 24
thank you Eoin for the informative session on door licensing
Lucas Mibielli
05:17 22 Feb 24
Good course. Easy to learn, good platform and excellent work by the educator Dave.
shamanaboina lasya
18:57 21 Feb 24
Intizar ali
12:45 21 Feb 24
All tutors of the course were well experienced and had excellent skills in communicating knowledge. They provided good learning environment. Thank you all sir
Faith Mc Gann
17:25 20 Feb 24
This is an excellent course, I would highly recommend it. My tutor, Eoin Power, was wonderful and very helpful. The sessions were informative and easy to learn with.
Hannes O'Callaghan
17:00 20 Feb 24
Excellent course, comprehensive, precise, and common sense based. The tutors are very helpful, answers questions promptly and comprehensively.
Mark Dawson
16:01 20 Feb 24
1 if not the best run course I have ever done. Our course instructors Eddie Loakman and Mike Henderson are 2 of the most professional and knowledgeable instructors I have ever met, who have exceptional Method of Instruction skills. If you are seeking a well presented, professionally run course I can't recommend these guys and ICSE enough. From start to finish a no nonsense very professional experience.
saju cbi
06:43 20 Feb 24
I have an excellent experience with the online course for security with Dave Brown. It was really helpful for me and at any time I can contact him for any doubt clarification. He will give response soon. So would like suggest him for this course.
Kais Ajili
15:56 19 Feb 24
Great People to work with .. keep up the good work
sai kumar
15:27 19 Feb 24
Cian Higgins
14:53 19 Feb 24
Great course with fantastic tutors.
Seun Akintinde
22:12 14 Feb 24
I want to appreciate Tony and Paul for their hard work, dedication, and passion for teaching are truly appreciated .Both tutors explanations are so clear and easy to understand after the training course that guidance and support from them have shaped my career for a greater future in the security industry, and I'm forever grateful for the wonderful opportunity .I'll always cherish the knowledge and wisdom the tutors imparted on me.Thank you all.
RSTRL Gaming
20:38 14 Feb 24
I've learned from Mr Dave and he's the best instructor i ever had
varun reddy
12:27 12 Feb 24
Kelvin França
10:38 12 Feb 24
Instructor Dave:Tutor and ICSE institute very nice
13:46 07 Feb 24
I can’t recommend ICSE enough, the course itself was great and very well run. Tony and Paul was a brilliant teacher's. They, was always there to help with any issues I had.Thank you for everything and good luck in the future 🙏
Clement Chigaru
20:03 06 Feb 24
Great course and tutors, really world class stuff
Monroe Acop
16:31 06 Feb 24
Rawad Jbaee
10:18 06 Feb 24
i was very happy to participate in this course with ICSE as it is high quality company in providing useful information . i got very important and useful knowledge from the tutors about the course and most of the laws are here in Ireland.i thank them all and the team in the main office for their continued support of the trainees to be effective people to serve the Irish community.
beata kafe
15:33 05 Feb 24
I recently completed the Online both static and door security course under the guidance of Dave Brown and I wanted to share my positive experience. He made some concepts easy to understand by using his real-life examples and he created a positive atmosphere during the course. I appreciated that he consistently appeared well-groomed and neat during our online sessions, showing that he put effort into presenting himself respectfully. It made the learning environment more pleasant.I feel well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed in the field of security, and I highly recommend this course to others. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this course and Dave Brown a solid 10 (especially for his shaving effort!).
Kowsik Gelli
10:55 05 Feb 24
I recently completed both the static and door security license courses with Mr. David Brown as my lecturer, and I couldn't be more impressed. His depth of knowledge, engaging teaching style, and commitment to student success made the learning experience not only informative but enjoyable. Mr. Brown's real-world examples and practical insights added immense value to the courses, providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. I highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to excel in the field. Thank you, Mr. Brown.
priyanshu kumar
04:37 02 Feb 24
Dave was the best instructor. I Loved it
Donal O Sullivan
21:39 01 Feb 24
The course was excellent, A lot of experience in the industry which is passed down through the course, Special thank you to TutorDave Brown & all at ICSE
Milos Bursac
21:14 01 Feb 24
Great course! Thanks to tutor Dave Brown, the course was interesting and easily understandable. Many examples from all areas of security that facilitate learning. All recommendations!
Dale Hogan
21:50 29 Jan 24
Both the course content and the tutor made the education experience simple, interesting and understandable through and through the duration of the course. Big shoutout to Eoin Power for being a positive and very informative tutor. course requirements may seem tight at times but it's absolutely worth getting into if one is interested in obtaining a license
Yunis Ibrahim
17:36 29 Jan 24
Tutor Paul and Tony were absolutely amazing. I enjoyed my time and learnt as much as i could. I am so so happy for their service. I recommend them.
Peter Marshall
16:36 29 Jan 24
It was very clear and easy to understand and tutor's very helpful
Guru Arumugam
15:46 29 Jan 24
Very well guide from Paul /Tony
Elidon Hasa
15:46 29 Jan 24
I learned many new things thanks to the tutors and their way of teaching
Johnpaul O Connor
11:42 29 Jan 24
Very positive
Mohamed Mohamud Nuh
20:04 27 Jan 24
Danish Ahmad
17:47 22 Jan 24
James Byrne
17:21 22 Jan 24
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