How long does it take to complete security training courses?

You can complete your combined security course online in 8 days.

You can complete a guarding skills course online in 6 days.

All programmes are delivered online via Zoom and can be completed form the comfort of your own home. Sessions take place from 12:00 to 17:00 each day.

Do you accept Social welfare funding for security?

ICSE accept social welfare funding for all our programmes. We regularly have learners who avail of their funding entitlements thorough social welfare Technical Employment Support Grant (TESG), social welfare or Local Employment Services Mediator funding schemes. We also accept funding from Community Employment Schemes and a variety of other funding bodies. To find out more please call our office.

How do I get a security licence in Ireland?

The steps required to get a security licence in Ireland are:
  • 1. Complete a training course with a Private Security Authority (PSA) approved training provider. (ICSE are an approved training provider)
  • 2. When you receive your results from your training provider you can apply to the Private Security Authority for a licence
  • 3. Apply online at www.psa.gov.ie
  • 4. After you apply and pay the licence fee you receive an application pack in the post from the PSA
  • 5. Sign the application pack and return with the required identity documents and a copy of your training course results. (You may also need overseas criminal clearance at this point)
  • 6. After the PSA process your returned application you are sent an online invitation to complete Garda vetting through their online system.
  • 7. Once Garda vetting is complete a licence decision will be taken and if successful you will receive your licence in the post within several weeks of completing vetting.

What qualifications do you need to be a security guard in Ireland?

You need a QQI Level 4 Minor Award in Guarding Skills (Sometimes called Static Guarding) to become a security guard in Ireland.

You need a QQI Level 4 Award in Door Security Procedures to become a door supervisor in Ireland.

You can complete both of these awards in a combined programme with ICSE to increase your chances of employment. ICSE offers both of these programmes every week online via our virtual classroom.

Both courses can only be completed through a QQI approved training centre who are also approved the Private Security Authority. ICSE are approved by both QQI and the PSA to deliver security training programmes.

Which security course should I complete in Ireland?

We recommend that you complete the Guarding Skills and Door Security programme with ICSE. This programme maximises your chances of gaining employment in the security industry while saving you time and money by completing both course at the same time.

How much does a security guard make in Ireland?

The minimum rate of apply for security guards in Ireland is currently €11.65 per hour if employed by a contract security company. This is a legally binding rate. However, in an ever-growing industry there are many roles which pay more than this rate. Our recruitment website www.fsj.ie can support you by putting you in touch with employers looking for candidates just like you. All our learners get free access to this resource.

It’s been a very long time since I sat in a classroom, and then it wasn’t a great experience for me. To be honest I’m nervous about going on a course. What help can you give me?

Many of our learners are nervous about the classroom but don’t be. Our trainers have many years of experience in supporting adult learners returning to education. The virtual classroom means that you are in the comfort of your home while completing the course. Our trainers are on hand before and after each session to support you. Our classes are designed for adults and are based around interaction and enjoyment as key parts of your learning. Adult education is not like school and we know that everybody will learn differently. Trust us to provide you with an enjoyable and rewarding training experience.

I haven’t used zoom before, is it difficult?

Our online training programmes are delivered using the Zoom platform to host our virtual classroom. Zoom is the easiest and most user-friendly platform we have found.

All you need to do is click on the link we send you to gain access to the classroom. There is no need to install or download any software. Prior to attending your course, you will attend a pre-course interview where your tutor will show you how to use Zoom and answer any questions you have to ensure you get the most form the platform during your training sessions. We have worked with learners from 18 to 70 years old! Regardless of your previous experience with computers we have no doubt that you will quickly understand how it all works and we provide constant and continual support should you need it.

I have learning difficulties, what help can you give me?

Our programmes can accommodate learners with a wide variety of learning challenges from nervousness through to reading and writing difficulties and dyslexia. We encourage learners to be open with us and help us to find a solution that will work for them. Education difficulties should never be a barrier to gaining work in the security sector. We can support with additional tutor support, interactive and engaging training methods, reasonable accommodation on assessments and plain English documents throughout the programme.

What level of English do I need to attend a security course in Ireland?

You require B2 Level in English to attend a security training course online with ICSE. This means that you must be able to speak, read and write at an Intermediate Level in English. This is to ensure not just that you gain the most from the training but that once qualified you will be enable you to work confidently with the public. If you are unsure about your English level, we strongly recommend that you confirm your English level prior to enrolling on a programme.

You can check your English level online here

As part of your pre course interview you may be asked to undertake an individual English language assessment prior to be starting the programme.

Where can I work as a security guard in Ireland?

With a Static Guarding licence, a person may work in a variety of roles normally associated with the work of a security officer or guard. These include:
  • Corporate security (technology companies etc)
  • Retail security
  • Industrial security
  • Construction sites (Safe Pass required)
  • Hospital security

With a Door Supervision licence a person may work in a variety or roles involving the service of alcohol or food. Venues may include:

  • Large indoor and outdoor concerts
  • Large indoor and outdoor sporting events
  • Pubs and late bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotel Security
  • Restaurants and fast-food venues

We recommend learners completing both programmes and gaining both licences together as it widens your employment choices. Remember the licences currently last for three years. Even if your main job is working in static security most of us earn additional income working at concerts, sporting events, St. Patricks day parades, Christmas parties, etc. You will definitely be offered additional work over the three years so it makes sense to get both qualifications now!

Do I need a PSA licence to work at concerts and sporting events in Ireland?

You need a PSA licence to work in security positions at concerts and sporting events. These include specialist areas like bar areas, search areas, front of stage and event patrolling (a door supervisor licence is required for these positions). A security licence is also required for event periphery and overnight positions at events (A static or security guard licence).

What security training should I do to get the best employment opportunities in Ireland?

We recommend that you complete the combined Guarding Skills and Door Security programme with ICSE. This programme maximises your chances of gaining employment in the security industry while saving you time and money by doing both courses at the same time.

Are there many security jobs in Ireland?

There are lots of security jobs available in Ireland. ICSE have built relationships with many of Irelands leading security providers and we are constantly asked to recommend high quality candidates from our courses. That is why we developed our jobs portal at www.jsj.ie . All of our trainers have spent many years in the security industry and have a large network of contacts within the industry. We can point you in the direction of employers who are seeking candidates just like you within your local area.